Yo, what’s up?

This is my blog.

It’s about movies, which give me boners. In fact, when I’m not banging chicks, I’m at the movies. You name it. I’ll watch it. Even if the film happens to be Mayo: The Movie. (Seriously, Hollywood, there’s a free idea. Get on that. You’re welcome.)

I dunno where my cinematic obsession came from. Maybe my mom banged Martin Scorsese. That’s be cool. I should high-five her.

But what I do know is that all movies have something to teach us. Even the shitty Lifetime movies Tyler Perry makes.

I’ll update every Monday, more throughout the week if there are a lot of films released. I’ll talk about all sorts of awesome things: how big the explosions were, my shlong, if the movie had boobies, did I want to fuck anyone in the cast, and what REALLY happened at the end of Inception. The whole gamut of radical will be right here, with extra cussing.

Hope you enjoy. But, even if you don’t, It’s not like I’ll cry myself to sleep. Nope, your mother keeps me plenty warm on those cold nights.

Dudebro, out.


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