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The Spectacular Now Not Spectacular Later

Aw, yeah, Homeboy is gonna get laid!!!!

In order to pound as much vag as I pound in a given week, I have to be charming. It just wouldn’t work otherwise. Chicks don’t respond to my cock because it’s giant. They respond to it because it whispers sweet nothings all night long. That’s right, my cock whispers. Deal with it.

You see, too often guys forget that, in the world of fucking, character comes first and foremost. And, more than that, your character directly determines the amount of sex you’ll earn. It’s a lost art, the art of character building and earning things through attrition. But The Spectacular Now understands this as is truly exceptional because of it.

The Spectacular Now stars Hick-Side-Kick from the Footloose reboot. He got upgraded to lead because, frankly, he’s got charisma oozing out his pores. He’s partying hard, landing hot chicks, and generally just being a pimp. That is until the Chick from Secret Life shows up, all nerdy hot, and makes him reevaluate his whole life.

Now, I know, this sounds like some bullshit romantic comedy. It’s not. There are many, many reasons why people should watch this film. The acting is exceptional. The narrative tight. And, just when you think you know where this film is going, it drops some pretty emotional bombs through good old-fashioned character building.

You see character building doesn’t happen often in flicks these days. Writers assume, because a character is the lead, the audience will like them. Think Man of Steel. At no point in that film did Zack Snyder take the time to give us a reason to root for Superman. He expected us to like Superman because we automatically have to love him as a character.

That’s lazy. And offensive.

Spectacular Now is neither. Footloose Hick-Side-Kick works hard to be likable. And, believe me, from the first scene, you’ll find yourself enjoying his company. He’s a lovable cad chicks will want to bang and dudes will want to drink with. He earns the audiences trust and support so, when his life starts to fall apart, the audience will be truly emotionally invested in his fate.

Spectacular Now is a gem of a film. And it’s great because it works hard for every emotional beat in the film. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my cock has some sweet nothings to whisper to the chick in my bed.

Grade: A


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