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This Is The End Commits

Aw yeah, looks like a good old end of the world three way is about to break out.

Pssst, lean in closer, Fuckface, your old pal DudeBro is gonna drop some knowledge all over your face like a spooge-canon of enlightenment: the secret to comedy is commitment. That’s it. You see, most people, average unfunny people, tend to drop a joke if it doesn’t make someone laugh. The only difference between that person, and a truly hilarious human being, is a funny person will keep at a joke until it finally finds a way to get a laugh. This Is The End is possibly the funniest film I’ve seen in years. And it’s funny because everyone involved is committed to the seriousness of the apocalypse.

This Is The End stars a shit of funny celebrities playing variations of themselves during the end of the world. God gets pissed and murders tons of people in the first five minutes. Then six dudes have to survive in a mansion. Then shit gets crazy. And I don’t want to ruin anything but This Is The End turns into one of the ballsiest and strangest American comedies of the year.

There’s a lot to be worried about in a film like this. First off, it’s actors playing themselves. That kind of joke can get old quick. But this film sidesteps that bullshit by making them characters instead of caricatures. Second, once the world goes to hell, there are very few self-referential jokes. The jokes are mostly focused on the difficultly of surviving a horror movie. It, in almost every scene, takes that survival to a twisted extreme.

For real, I’m shocked a film like this could get made. There are really bizarre things happening. Christian things that’ll offend soccer moms and religious nuts. Heavy homosexual undertones that might offend jock-douchers who normally love Rogan films. And don’t forget heavy gore, which might turn off chicks with weak stomachs. Almost every aspect of this film is meant to alienate a large audience. Yet, somehow it got made, and somehow the creators stuck to their guns and created a truly memorable and distinct comedy.

Cause, a lesser director, would have wussed out on the whole apocalypse thing. Even great apocalypse comedies, like Shawn Of The End, pull back toward the ends so everyone can have a happy ending. Not this film. Nope. This film sees an apocalypse follows it to a logical dark conclusion. The result is as disturbing as it is hilarious. For example, they actually manage to mine rape humor out of a long discussion about one of the few remaining females, Hermione Granger.

So, I’ll say it again, I’m shocked, in an age of studio oversight, something this raw and edgy could get made. It commits, without a shadow of a doubt, to the horrors of the end of the world. And, if you’re not an easily offended asshole, the results will make your sides hurt.

Grade: A-


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