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Oblivion and the Benefit of Surprises

It’s ok, Wall-e. Someday you’re true love will fall from the sky and send you on a crazy adventure. You just gotta keep waiting, buddy.

Guess what, Bitches? I’m coining a new phrase: Trailer-Fucked.

Trailer-Fucked: Noun. Adjective. 

        1: When a Trailer doesn’t show important scenes from a movie.

        2: Bait and switching the final product of a movie. 

Boom! It’s in the books people. Trailer-Fucked. And, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been Trailer-Fucked by Oblivion.

Oblivion is the new flick starring Mr. Ex Nicole Kidman. He’s stuck on a post apocalyptic earth, like Wall-e. And he’s tasked with fixing the joint up, like Wall-e. But he dreams of more, like Wall-e. Then a mysterious ship crash lands on earth and changes everything our hero knows, you know, like Wall-e.

Truly, from that description, and from the trailer, you’d be smart to expect Wall-e. On paper, the film walks like Wall-e, talks like Wall-e, and is even as starkly beautiful as Wall-e. There’s nothing wrong with that. That cartoon is a masterpiece and more films should strive to be as good. But, if you go by the trailer, you’re in for multiple surprises.

Which is a great thing. Really. Too few films throw every radical scene into the trailer. Have you watched the trailer for the Avengers? Nearly half of it takes up the final battle of the film. Which, whatever, isn’t bad or good. But, frankly, it’s rare for a film to surprise me these days. Watching a trailer is a short-form film. Nearly every major beat of a movie is in the trailer. Sometimes, I’m looking at you Quarantine, a flick even blatantly reveals the climax in the trailer. I’m not even railing against trailers. They’ve always been this way. You wanna get butts in seats, you gotta show cool shit, which generally includes the final scenes of a film. Oblivion goes the opposite route and is all the better for it.

The entire trailer of Oblivion takes up, maybe the first forty minutes of the film. Then, well, then it’s a cluster-fuck of crazy thrown onto the screen at a furious pace. I’m not sure if I was entertained by this film because it was actually good, or because I was actually surprised by the events unfolding. Either way, I’m not gonna spoil the second half, but rest assured, it gets pretty nutty. I like nutty. You’ll probably like Oblivion if you like nutty.

So, summing up, a good trailer is a work of art on it’s own merit. The purpose is to, not only entertain, but get you to throw money at the silver screen. Generally they show too much, which ends up dimming the final effect of the film. Oblivion saves the aces for shock value. And it works. Damn it all, it’s a surprising little film thanks to a little thing called secrecy.

Grade: B-  


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