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Evil Dead Quickie

“Yo Dawg, you want some candy?” Killer Evil Chick

I’ve really been banging my head all week trying to review this film. But it’s hard because it’s just SO fucking similar to the basic plot points of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.

The shtick is the same. Kids go to a Cabin. Some evil spirit starts possessing them. They fight. There’s a chainsaw. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

At first I was gonna focus the review on gore in cinema, and if it has a place there. But I don’t really fucking care about gore and, more than that, I’m too fucking cool to lecture about how violence warps our American Ideals. I will say, arms get ripped off, faces get chewed, and tongues are knifed.

It’s pretty fucking entertaining.

But is the film itself?

Well, sure, I guess. If you liked any of the Evil Dead films, you’ll probably like this one. It’s near identical. The camera work is even similar. It just has better effects now. So, if you’re a snob like that, if you can’t appreciate financially induced ingenuity, then go with the remake.

But if you like your horror a little rough around the edges and made with actual love, go with the originals. Either way, you’re gonna be entertained. Unless you’re a pussy. Don’t be a pussy. Horror films rule.

Grade: B


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