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They’re related. But they still might fuck.

I got this trick I use sometimes to fuck chicks. I put on a pair of nerd glasses, get an empty briefcase, plop on a dapper-as-fuck suit, and hang out in hotel bars. Sooner or lady a broad will come sniffing, think I’m more important than I actually am, and we’ll fuck in her hotel room.

The trick to pulling this off is intrigue. I never tell chicks more than they need to know. I give just enough to create interest and moisten their panties a bit. Then my giant cock does the rest. But if I show my hand too much, I won’t get laid. It’s a fine, fine line that Stoker has the unfortunate task of towing.

Stoker is the first American film by acclaimed director Chan-Wook Park. I understand that foreign film’s aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but you should still make an effort to watch his shit. It’s not perfect but it’s very interesting and pretty, at least. That’s pretty much what can be said of Stoker.

It’s about this little Girl-Stoker who turns 18 the day Dad-Stoker mysteriously dies. Her and Mom-Stoker are all sad and mopey until Uncle-Stoker comes to live with them. He’s fucking weird. But all the Stokers seem a little off so it’s ok. Girl-Stoker isn’t sure she likes Uncle-Stoker. But Uncle-Stoker REALLY likes Girl-Stoker. And shit just sort of gets creepier from there.

The whole film is gorgeous. But, like Uncle-Stoker, there’s something just a bit left of center. Something that inhibits it from jumping from good to great. After careful deliberation I blame a misplaced focus of narrative.

See the entire film orbits around Uncle-Stoker. Who is he? What does he want? Are his intentions pure? Which is fine, if there was enough of a mystery to support his character. But there isn’t. All the answers are fairly obvious and, worse than that, aren’t all that compelling. When all is said and done the mystery turns out to be fairly one note.

Yet the acting is great. The direction is impeccable. And the mood is wonderfully dark. All in all it’s a fine debut from a great South Korean director. I really do hope Mr. Park sticks around the states for a while because, after a couple more films, he’ll be bagging chicks in hotel lobbies in no time.

Grade: B


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