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The Guilt Trip

See? He takes his mom places.

You know who likes going to movies? YOUR MOM!!! You know who doesn’t get to go to movies often? YOUR MOM!!! Wait, no seriously. Your mom really does like going to the movies. This isn’t some kind of tacky joke where I talk about banging her. Trust me, I treated her like a lady that night we banged. HAAACHHHAAA!!!!

But really, folks. Would it fucking kill you to take your mom to a fucking movie? And, no, not the latest explosion fest filled to the brim with tight-titted hot chicks. No, that’s the type of movie you take your dad to.

Your mom likes silly shit, feel good crap that doesn’t require too much thinking and won’t keep her up with nightmares. These kind of movies come out once or twice a year and it won’t kill you to take your mom. It’s the fucking holidays, damn it. Take her to a movie!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! The Road Trip is exactly the type of movie you should take your mother to.

The Knocked Up Schlep is this scientist bro and his mother travel across the country trying to sell science experiments or something. I can’t really remember. Honestly, this is a shit movie. But it’s a shitty movie your mother’s going to be all like, “Aw, that was cute. We should go to the movies more often.”

Cause sometimes going to the movies isn’t about you, you selfish prick. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team and be all like, “Eh, at least I’ll get some popcorn out of the thing.”

Grade: Take Your Fucking Mom


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