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The Sessions

Pretty much just two hours of naked bodies on top of each other. I can dig it.

I was balling chicks at the ripe old age of fifteen. It’s not a bragging right. It’s just how it is. Sometimes you’re born with the natural instincts to bend a chick over and take her to Ram City. Sometimes you’re not. So it’s kind of surreal and disorienting to get a view from the other side. The Forty Year Old Virgin? Didn’t make sense to me. Why didn’t he just fuck someone? The Sessions, on the other hand, makes more sense but still has me asking questions.

The Sessions is about this Dude who had polio and it ravaged his body and whatnot, so he can’t move that much. He’s been like this forever, basically, and hasn’t fucked a chick as a result. So he hires the Broad from Mad About You who moonlights as a sex therapist. Together they slowly work through the dude’s mental and physical issues to get him laid, like the baller he was born to be.

It’s a cute film. And, if it weren’t about sex, I would recommend talking your mamma  But, seriously, don’t. It could get awkward, bro. There’s titties, which rocks. And full muff shots too, double win. There’s even on screen orgasms, thank you. And it’s all handled tastefully enough but it’ll still make you feel weird if you’re watching it with your mom, so watch out.

My only real complaint is I feel like the writer and director may have had too broad of a focus and certain stories suffer as a result. Because it seemed like he wanted this film to be as much about Mad About You Chick as the Polio Dude. We follow her home a lot, see her lifestyle, and get to know her. But the story never commits to her like we do Polio Dude. It’s like half a movie is missing where the inner workings of her life might actually provide some context to her actions.

Which is also our lesson of the day, what are the odds? When you’re writing a story, character is paramount. Because the audience needs to know exactly why characters to certain things. If things are murky, or ill defined, your characters just end up looking like crazy people.

The Sessions never succumbs to that sin. I knew enough about Mad About You Broad to get the point but, still, sometimes I did wonder why she was the way she was. Her more than capable acting fills in most of the blanks the writer forgot to put in.

So, short and sweet, don’t take your mamma  Maybe take your chick. It is all about sex, you could get some after. And remember character is key.

DudeBro out.

Grade: B


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