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The Silver Linings Playbook

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Somehow we’re expected to believe these two hotties can’t fuck randoms.

There’s no such thing as a shitty genre. There’s only shitty films. I say that because a lot of my dudebros scoff whenever I go see the latest chick flick. As if their taste is somehow more cultured because they’d rather watch Jason Statham over Sarah Jessica Parker. Believe me, there are just as many stupid ass action flicks as there are romantic comedies. Why men choose to ignore the shitty action films and focus on shitty romances is beyond me. (Sure, I love explosions as much as the next person but they’re boring when the explosions lack real tension.)

Just a tip: hating anything before you give it a shot makes you an idiot. Plus, if you watch a lot of romantic comedies, you can quote them and talk to chicks about them. It’s an instant panty dropper. Bottom line, if it comes down to watching the pumped up idiocy of Red Dawn, or the subtle intelligent charms of The Silver Linings Playbook, I’ll pick subtle charms over forced explosions any day of the damn week, son.

The Silver Linings Playbook stars that Hot Dude from Wedding Crashers as a not hot insane dude. We’re supposed to buy that his wife doesn’t want to fuck him, cheats on him, and sends him to the loony bin. But we all know he’s a hot stud. Once he gets out he starts getting stalked by Katniss Everdeen who’s equally crazy and hot. She fucks a lot of dudes, THAT I buy. Together they just act crazy for hours and it’s delightful.

Truly, the biggest obstacle in any romantic comedy is the chemistry of the leads. It’s a problem with a lot of romance in movies, actually. The two leads don’t ALWAYS have to bang, Hollywood. Stop forcing it. Because, when the two leads actually click, it’s an amazing thing to watch. Insane Wedding Crasher Dude and Stalker Katniss Everdeen work so great off of each other you’re counting the minutes until their genitals meet.

In fact, there’s not a lot to disparage here. Playbook makes film making look easy. To the point where you’re laughing and relating and wondering why Hollywood doesn’t make more movies this good. (Hint: it’s because film making is actually impossibly hard.)

And this is where the whole crux of today’s post has lead: stop hating on genres. You fucking idiot. Movie making is a rough capitalistic enterprise where few films actually stand the test of time. In a given year you’ll be lucky if two films will be remembered decades from now. It has nothing to do with genre either because It Happened One Night and the Philadelphia Story are still magical, fifty years later.

I’m not saying The Silver Linings Playbook will be remembered in the future. It’s impossible to guess such things. But it does stand as a crowning example of how romantic comedies can be better than anything with an explosion in it. So take your chick, you might get oral after, bro.

Grade: A


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