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Smashed Quickie

“It’s a good thing we’re married. Because I’m so drunk I’m gonna piss on you.” – Ramona Flowers

The most vital component of any film rests on the likability of its lead. Even the best directed, best shot, best written film can fail if the audience isn’t like, “Dude, that character is rad!!! I’m gonna fucking chill with them for a few hours.”

This doesn’t mean a character has to be good. Hannibal Lecter was prime fucking evil but you still wanted to hang out with him. And, conversely, it’s impossible to want to visit a galaxy far, far away when Anakin Skywalker is such a snooze.

Smashed stars Drunken Ramona Flowers and Drunken Jesse Pinkman. They’re married and like to fuck and party. This is all well and good until the day Ramona Flowers decides she wants off the sauce. What follows is an honest, funny, and painful look at the effects of sobriety.

This film wouldn’t work without the strong, sturdy performance of Ramona Flowers. She’s a mess throughout but, fuck, you just root for her. You’re like, “Fuck yeah, broad, drop that booze and clean up your life.” Jesse Pinkman is also his usual boss self, just drinking and hanging out like it ain’t no thang.

Together they form a whole narrative that’s just awesome to watch. It’s not the lofty of films but, like a good friend, you just want to chill these these peeps for a bit.

Grade: A


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