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Cloud Atlas Reviewed Without Cursing By DudeMomBro

In the Future, Forrest Gump becomes an angry looking pimp.

(What up, Bitches? I got a nasty case of gonorrhea this week. (Thanks a lot Debbie.) So, while I get sauced off my meds, DudeMomBro is gonna step in and help me out with a Cloud Atlas Review. It won’t have as many dick or fart jokes. Anyway, I’ll be back and banging here soon, until then, please be nice to my beloved DudeMomBro.)

When DudeBro (Do I really have to call him that?) was little, I would take him to the museum on weekends. DudeBro (What about sweetie? Or Pumpkin? Or my special little guy?) never liked the Museum of Modern Art. “Mommy,” he’d say, “What is that? Why doesn’t it look like anything?” Children are very literal. They don’t understand that art can be beautiful in part because it shows you something new. Maybe the inside of another person’s mind. To paraphrase my favorite author, Stephen King, art is, at its best, a form of telepathy.

Since I see a lot of movies, maybe I get a little too excited to see something like nothing I’ve seen before. Most movies are pretty predictable, especially if they give you the abridged version in the trailer. As with the other kinds of art, beauty can come from the unexpected combination of things. I admire ambition. I admire people who try something new, even if it’s a failure. Ambitious failure is much more interesting than unambitious success. You might end up a stay-at-home mom with an art degree and a C-average breast-obessed son, but at least you tried.

Ambition is something Cloud Atlas has in excess. The film follows six different stories set in different periods of time, from the 1800s to a post-apocalyptic future. In fact, two are set in the future, which gives you the rare opportunity to see multiple sci-fi futures in one movie. There are a lot of good actors in the movie, so much so that some of them only get a few good scenes to show off, but the three most common faces are Forest Gump, Catwoman, and Agent Smith.

I don’t want to tell you too much more about the plot because it will ruin the surprise, but the film does a pretty good job of tying everything together. I went in concerned that the whole thing was going to be a huge mess and was pleasantly surprised at how well they integrated so many moving pieces into one coherent whole. There are times that they take shortcuts a simpler movie wouldn’t be able to get away with, but the framework allows them to lay different stories next to each other and show you things through comparison and contrast. Each story would work on its own, but it’s the combination that makes it special.

It must be fun to be an actor and get a role in a movie like this because it allows you to play several very different kinds of people instead of being pegged into one role. The one downside is that they need to use a lot of old person makeup on some of them, which is a little disconcerting. Also, the movie is a bit long, so you should take my advice and only get a small drink.

But go see it. You’ll be glad you tried it out, because the experience is worth the risk. You may not get another chance to step outside the ordinary anytime soon.

Grade: A-


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