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Pitch Perfect

Best scene of the fucking movie: BOOM!!!! Naked Chicks!!!

I think one of the most underrated genres in cinema is the Chicks Dancing Around genre. Wait, it’s not a genre, you say? Stop fucking lying. I’ve seen Bring It On, Dirty Dancing, Strictly Ballroom, and Flashdance, not mention Bring It On 1, 2, and 4. (I fucking refuse to live in a world where Bring It On 3 happened. IT DOESN’T EXIST DAMN IT!!!!)

Ok, ok, fine. Dancing movie aren’t exactly plentiful but I do love them. Hot broads gyrating all seductively and whatnot. It should actually be more of a thing. If the stupid fucking Hollywood suits weren’t so damn afraid of chicks, they would be. Instead they’re all like, “GASP!!! It’s a hot chick!!! Make sure she doesn’t talk much and looks good pining over a hot guy!!”

Pitch Perfect is one of the few smart-ish/fun chick flicks to slip past Hollywood’s misogynistic radar every couple of years. That’s not to say it’s amazing. It’s merely above average. But it’s so rare to see any film where chicks talk, act, and treat each other like equals, not threats. So it’s kind of a mixed bag.

The film centers on Anna Kendrick. (She’s not popular enough to use a fake name, but she’s getting there. That’s all that matters.) She’s a bad ass and you can tell because she has tattoos and wears black. GASP, a real rebel. She joins a ragtag a Capella group and wacky shenanigans ensue.

The thing about Pitch Perfect is: it’s not about the plot. You know it by heart. Good guys face opposition. Good guys work together. Good guys learn something about teamwork. Blah, blah, blah. It’s old hat. I get it.

The real entertainment shows up when chicks get to hang out and be funny together. It’s hot. Plus they dance and sing and shit, even hotter.

Cause, sometimes, in genre shows like this, it isn’t about the actual beats the narrative hits. It’s about how much it can make you care about characters while mining familiar tropes. Number one, in any story, always falls to how much you care about the characters involved.

And, it doesn’t make me feel like any less of a Dudebro to admit, Pitch perfect made me care about these broads.

Grade: B


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