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Trouble With The Curve Quickie

“Just so you guys know, I’m gonna be a dick for no reason until the third act. Then I’ll be a sweet elderly gentleman that talks to empty chairs, for no reason too.”- Dirty Harry

Let’s just skip to the end because this film has trouble with the third act. The entire through-line of this film is all, “Dirty Harry can’t change and he’ll always be a shitty father.” That’s, from start until the third act, what the film presents.

And I fucking get it. This movie is basically one of those feel good light hearted comedies that you can take your mom to without being too bored. There has to be a happy ending. It’s just how things fucking work in Hollywood.

But you can’t just magically have Dirty Harry turn on a dime and be all, “You know what? I’m gonna be a better father.” Without an actual catalyst, it just looks like he’s taking crazy pills. It’s not an earned happy ending. It’s cheap and requires virtually no thought from the writers to get there.

Hollywood does this a lot and it makes me want to take a dump in the middle of the theater.

Grade: C+


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