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Arbitrage Quickie

Sadly, these two don’t bang.

The Gentleman (Or was He The Officer?) rises from a decade of relatively shitty films to play a Wall Street Scammer that steals your tax dollars. He also gets into an accident that causes all sorts of legal problems and, unlike Jay Z, bitches happens to be quite a bit of his problems.

Anyway, the film juggles some balls and keeps tension nice and tight. So it’s all nerve wracking and shit. You’ll be like, “Fuck!!! I am filled with tension and intrigue.”

But it’s not like, “I’m gonna blow shit up tension.” It’s adult tension. Tension you don’t really see much in films anymore because we’ve confused video game computer graphics with suspense. Oh well, go see the Gentleman (Or Was He The Officer?) do some of his best acting.

Grade: B


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