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The Campaign


I don’t give a shit, man. Ron Burgundy makes me giggle.

Ron Burgundy, for all his faults, tickles my dick with laughter. I get it, at this point he’s not exactly breaking ground and he’s in real danger of heading toward Sandler Territory. But, fuck it man, I dig him. Comedy is a lot like human arousal in that respect because what gets me hard may not get you hard. So, what makes me laugh may not make you laugh.

I guess I just want to preface this review in case Ron Burgundy doesn’t arouse you. It’s ok. You don’t have to laugh at the dude but I sure hope you respect his intricacies. The Campaign is no different from his typical shtick. It’s completely irreverent and stupid on the surface but pretty damn subtle and layered.  

The film centers on Ron Burgundy running for a senate seat. He gets challenged by the Bearded Dude from the Hangover and shenanigans ensue. There are scenes with pugs, baby punching, and freezer fucking so you know it’s pretty rad to say the least.

The best part about the film, unlike Ron Burgundy’s other film, is that it’s snappy. It doesn’t waste time inundating us with pointless joke after pointless joke. Usually he’ll sit around for two hours just riffing off those around him. This time around he just keeps the comedy pointed and plot related. The result is a lean, mean comedy that clocks in under an hour and a half so you have enough time to take your chick home and fuck her after without fear of being too tired.

Ok, so that’s what’s rad, what’s wrong? Well, I can imagine a lot of conservatives will be pretty pissed about the moral of this film. But, go fuck yourself, this is a comedy, stop reading into things dummy.

No the real problem is its scattershot protagonist portrayal. The film doesn’t know if it wants to center on Ron Burgundy or the Dude from the Hangover. As a result there are fifteen minutes of prolonged focus on one character and by the time you’re like, “Ok, I’m rooting for this dude, I forgot the other dude” they switch up and focus on the other dude. Now, I’m not saying a show can’t have two dudes you root for, I am saying film’s with two leads should be more balanced.   

However, as long as you punch a baby, I’ll probably be entertained.

Grade: B


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