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Moonrise Kingdom

Little Baller likes his women in pink           

So this Little Baller is all like, “Hey, baby, let’s run away.” And the Little Girl is all, “Hells yeah, I’ll follow you anywhere because you’re a real man and can take care of me.” So off they go into a pastel colored wonderland known as Moonrise Kingdom.

I’ve never been to Moonrise Kingdom, I think it’s off the coast of Maine, maybe Portugal, but it seems like a pretty bitchin place to live. There are giant storms; Blond John McClane is hanging out with Ex-Hulk and Elderly Venkman. And they all seem to know what’s required of them, that Quirky Director Dude only wants his actors to act, you know, fucking quirky.

But really the film belongs to Little Baller and Little Girl. Quirky Director gets a lot of mileage despite their age. They stab people, dance in their underwear, make out, and out badass Blond John McClane. It’s pretty tough to out badass John McClane but they do it. Maybe the peroxide fried his brain.

Little Baller also brings all the typical Quirky Director quirks down to realty, despite the set that looks like my Great Aunt’s house. Because, let’s face it, sometimes these stylized bastards fall a little too in love with their own style. You need dude’s like Little Baller to let the audience know it is ok to feel things, like emotions and stuff.

The dude next to me cried. Pfft… fucking pussy.


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